Friday, April 9, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award.

From my amazing online friend Melanie.
Thank you for recognizing me!!!

As part of this award, I need to tell 10 things about me/that I love and then pass this along to 10 friends. So, here goes...

1. I am an adoptive mom to two wonderful boys who came to us when they were 8 and 10. I love the fact that sometimes we all forget that they were adopted!

2. I love to scrapbook.. I rarely go a day without doing something at my scrap table and often accomplish 10-20 pages a day.

3. I LOVE penguins.

4. I went back to school at age 30 and I am proud to say that I am a teacher.

5. I don't watch a lot of TV... but my TV watching has increased since we got a PVR and I don't have to watch commercials.

6. I have been scrapbooking less than 2 years.

7. As much as I hate the rain I love the west coast and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

8. My very best friend and I have been friends as long as I have been alive.. I'm younger... and I never let her forget it!

9. I met my husband on the internet, we met in person just four days after meeting online and I knew before I opened my door (I cooked him dinner on Valentine's Day) that I would marry

10. I am probably the pickiest eater you will ever eat.... and my life would be over if I could never have chocolate again.

This is who I would like to pass the award on to (I know some of you have received this already, but I really felt I needed to award people who have inspired my as a scrapbooker/blogger):

1. Melanie, yes she gave this award to me, but without her, I wouldn't be a blogger, and I wouldn't keep my blog up to date. She also chose me to be on the Design Team for her fabulous Challenge Blog, which has also challenged me to step outside my "comfort zone" and make me a better paper crafter.

2. Jennifer, who not only inspires me with her absolutely stunning ability to make cards, but because she is taking control of her life and transforming into an amazing person.

3. Jenny, who has been making cards for such a short time but has grown into an amazing artist. Not only is she a mother of four young kids, she has just opened an online store... I wish I had half of her energy!!!

4. Nancy, fellow Critter Challenge DT member/teacher/Disney Fanatic/friend who lives on the complete other side of the continent as me, but feel like we have known each other for ever. She even managed to make some amazing creations while sitting in the hospital with her sick son... talk about inspiring!

5. Natalie, a fantastic teacher with whom I completed my Education degree with. I have just discovered her blog, but I've seen her in action in person... she can rock the pages..

6. Michelle, one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Read her blog, you will be inspired. I was lucky enough to meet her when, out of pure coincidence both of our families ended up in Disneyland at the same time. She's just beginning her blog, but I'm inspired.. both by her paper crafting and her passion for her children.

7. Christina, whom I met when we were both in a group ages ago... long story but I am no longer part of the group, but I still love to look at, and be inspired by her blog. Cards, pages, you name it she rocks it.

8. Marsha, if you haven't been to Marsha's blog, stop right now and go there. She is the most versatile card maker I have ever seen. You just never know what style to expect, but whatever it is, you know it will be absolutely out of this world.

9. April, who is not only an amazing paper crafter, but she is an amazing mom... she lives in Germany away from all her family and friends... and still manages to survive living in a foreign country... I know I couldn't do it... I need my family for my sanity breaks!!

10. Kelly, who I think loves Riley as much as I do! Although she doesn't blog as much as she should (haha just teasing girl)... she has mad talent. I love her "Kellyfied" creations. I also love that she's taking a stand and making positive changes in her life. You go girl!


Tracey said...

Moria - What a wonderful tribute to your blogging friends.

Jennifer said...

This was so sweet of you Moira! I'll have to add this award to my blog. Hugs!

Unknown said...

Aw, Moira! You are just too sweet!! I am so glad we are cyber/scrap/craft buddies!!!


marsha said...

Thank you for the sweet words, you are just too kind! I'm really going to add this to my blog soon! I'm so glad we're friends - love ya girl!


Christy said...


Thanks for the tip about the scrappy line and the link...I have never seen their products and now I'm going to have to blow a wad on them. My hubby thanks you too I'm sure. LMBO! I'm proud to add this award to my blog as well :)

April said...

Oh Moira....thank you...that is so sweet of you to think of me. I love you and am soooo glad you stuck with our group!!!