Friday, September 19, 2008

Where did the time go??

Has it really been that long since I posted?! Well I can't believe it is Friday already.. seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for the weekend - and here it has arrived again! We've all been sick... Brayden got sick at the end of August.. he's still suffering.. Carsyn's got a runny nose, Butch is really sick - actually came home from work today.. and somehow I managed to shake the most of it... just a little congested. I guess I have to stay healthy to keep the rest of the house running! I don't like it when Butch is sick... I have to cook! Hope he gets better soon!!

I've been busy with hockey stuff... although it has settled down a bit... I fear that busy times are about to happen as we will be picking teams very soon... eek!! I imagine it will be somewhat like placing students in classrooms and when parents (who haven't sent the school their requests) find out that little Jimmy isn't where they want them to be and they are upset. I'm not looking forward to cranky parents - and hopefully there will be none. I am not going to stress about it until if/when it happens.

Carsyn made the Junior Development U11 Soccer Team! Yeah!! I'm so proud of him, and this is a super boost for his self-esteem. This will mean an extra soccer practice each week - skills and drills - they run them hard! It also means there will be a little bit of travel for tournaments, only 3 or 4 times in the season - possibly even to BC Place around Christmas. At least we aren't off somewhere every weekend!

Since I haven't been teaching yet... but I do have a couple of days booked in the next couple of weeks.. I have been doing lots, and lots of scrapbooking. On one of my favourite sites (Scrapbook Bingo) we are doing a Virtual Crop - and we get points for everything we do. I've been working on all of my swap stuff so that I can earn points. This has also helped me with all of the swaps I've signed up for on Split Coast Stampers.

I have even been able to get a couple of pages for the boys done - mind you they are basically the same pages - just pictures placed differently depending on whose book they were going in.

I want to upload some pictures... so I'll keep this update short.

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