Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer Vacation Part One!

So..... it's been a couple of weeks since I have been able to get on here... but we have been super busy with the end of summer stuff... that the computer thinks I've forgotten him! haha

On August 21 I got my CPAP machine...... so I can breathe at night ... hard to believe I was stopping breathing on average 135 times a night! eeek! So... long story short, I'm now breathing at night and have not had a morning headache since -woohooo!!! Maybe this will cure my migraines!! I'm still getting used to the mask and my nose is raw.. but they say that should settle down soon!

After getting my machine... we headed to Nanaimo to catch the ferry to Vancouver. We arrived at 2:30 for the 3:15 sailing but there was already a sailing wait... urgh! which meant we had 3 hours to wait for the next one at 5:45. Well surprising the time went quick... we went for a walk around the terminal.. the boys watched some of their movies on their portable DVD players (some of the best money we have spent!!) ... I read and Butch had a nap. We got onto the ferry, had dinner and I bought the boys a new book - which I read for most of the trip. The book "Schooling Around: Treasure Fever" by Andy Griffiths is really good - I'm enjoying it as much as the boys are... and it is real fun to have two of the characters with the last name "Durkin" - my very uncommon maiden name!

Off the ferry and we headed towards Cloverdale as we were staying with long time family friends the Alders. We found their house with only two wrong turns - both my fault - my hubby should never listen to me... I've got no sense of direction - even with the map in my hands!!

We got to the house (first time I'd been to this house) and the boys (Butch too!) immediately went for a swim in the pool - thankfully it wasn't the awesome Koi pond they have right in the front door! We had a nice visit and had an early night.

We got up Friday and had a wonderful breakfast and we all ended up in the pool and/or hot tub. A nice and relaxing day. At 3:00 got into our BC Lions gear and headed for the Sky Train. We had an interesting Sky Train ride when a man -who was obviously impaired by drugs or alcohol boarded and proceeded to harrass our family. Thankfully a few stops later a security guard boarded the train and put him in his place. Butch is more than trained to deal with idiots like this - but didn't want to scare the boys.

So... we get to the stadium... enjoy the street fair for about an hour.. the boys got their picture taken with "Crazy P" - a guy who runs around the stadium getting fans to cheer! We then get a call from our BC Lions ticket representative, Kyle - Butch has bought 7 seasons tickets over the past three years (and sells the tickets to his buddies from work). Kyle had arranged a "unique" experience for the boys.

Kyle arrived to greet us with Geroy Simon bobble heads (Butch's favourite BC Lion), BC Lions key chains, and coupons for the giveaway that night that just happened to be BC Lions lunch kits. He then took us to the players entrance and we got to go into the stadium and watch the Lions warm up... from the TURF... it was such an unreal experience to be standing on the field 20 feet away from the players!!! Man are they HUGE!!! Kyle took a picture of us on the field and then one in front of the locker room. So very cool!

As we were walking back to our seats... Kyle stopped in a room and grabbed Butch and I some BC Lions shirts! What an amazing, once in a lifetime experience!! Thanks Kyle!!

Well... this is long enough.. I'll add some photos and update again another day!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why can't we camp without making a trip to the emergency room???

So....... here it is Tuesday... and I'm home. I should be out enjoying my last night at the campsite... munching on s'mores. But alas... my family can't seem to make it through a camping trip without a trip to emerg. This time it was Butch, my hubby, who had to make the trip in. You see... he was being a nice husband and carrying the hot water from the BBQ (which as a side burner) to the washing up bucket. Not sure what happened but the pot got dropped and my husband got boiling water up his leg. He is burned from the knee to the ankle. We manage to pour about 20 liters of water (our whole water jug) over it immediately - and then we soaked a towel and put some ice on it... after about half an hour we looked and saw that it was blistering so thought it was best to get it checked out. After we secure our stuff as best as we could... we headed for town about a 20 minute drive to the hospital. Not sure how we got so lucky but the emerg was empty and he was seen right away. Our favourite nurse was on... (he has treated both sons) he bandaged up the hubby and we were on our way within 45 minutes of arriving - first time ever we have been in and out of emerg. in less than an hour!!

So....... back to the campsite at 10:30 and we all went right to bed. Due to his burn we decided to pack up a day early. Which was well planned as the weather turned and we had a nasty windstorm today - and is now raining like a bugger!!

Last year we raced to emerg. after our oldest son (who we had only had for a month) had a bike accident (at the same campsite) - after some foul language (from the son), 3 stitches and 4 hours later we made it back to our campsite. Unfortunately for him... his injuries needed to stay clean and he had to go and stay at Nana's for the remaining 4 days of camping.

So...... we got pretty much everything put away and several loads of laundry done. I tried to go to my sister's to get some scrapping done... but I just couldn't concentrate. So I'm home, playing on the computer and know that I have to get a bunch of scrapbook stuff done tomorrow - as we leave town again on Thursday.. we have been given complimentary tickets to see the BC Lions (football). We will be meeting our Lion's contact prior to the game and he has arranged a 'unique experience' for our boys. We have no idea what is planned - but we are all looking forward to it.

That's it for now....... thanks for reading.!

I think I'll try and add some more scrapbooking photos.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A few of my creations...

Where is the time going?

Well.. here we are.. August 12th... 3 weeks left of summer break. Where has the time gone?? Oh... wait.. I know... it's been spent scrapbooking! And I guess getting ready to sell and keeping it clean and tidy. Had another tour of real estate agents through today - hopefully we'll get some bites soon!

I've had a busy few days scrapbooking. I'm so addicted to it and the swaps it is crazy! But I'm having so much fun. I'm desperately trying to get all the Disney swaps done that my sister signed us up for before I even started scrapping! We are going camping on Thursday and need to get some of them in the mail before we head out.

I also picked up two spots in an A to Z border swap. I'm doing 'O' for OUCH!! - with two boys - I already have pictures to go with that title. I am also doing 'Z' for Zzzzzzz... I got the Zs done yesterday - except I needed 4 more inches of card stock so while the boys and I had to be out of the house for the house tour today I stopped in at the LSS and picked up a sheet. I also picked up some fun coloured card stock for some colour swaps that I have due in November.

I'll post some pictures of some of the work I've done. Hopefully it can inspire someone or give them an idea to work from. Let me know what you think!

Off to do some more scrapping......... thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A hectic day in the life of me......

This was supposed to be post last week... oops guess I hit the wrong button!

So.. here is a couple days later from the first post. Life is busy when you have two active boys, a husband, a house on the market and of course scrapbooking to do.

Today has been a bit hectic. We had a tour of real estate agents due to come through the house at 10 am. So... we were working like crazy in 30 degree weather yesterday making sure it was all done. We collapsed around 9 last night and figured we would get up early and finish it up - make some cookies, and sweep and mop the kitchen floor.. and put all my scrapping stuff somewhere.

Fast forward to 8 am..... an hour after we were supposed to be up.. ACK! I grabbed quick shower and headed down to clean up the scrap stuff... hubby and the boys started with cleaning up the kitchen, making the cookies.. I called mom..... Mom to the rescue... she came and helped keep the boys on task and cleaned up a few of the messes that we just see through - fingerprints on the doors etc.

At 9:30 am I had to leave for a Drs appointment in a city 1.5 hours away. Gotta love when you have to drive 3 hours (round trip) for a 20 minute appointment. Oh well.. it all worked out.. I managed to schedule a "Mystery Shop" so at least I'll get money to pay for most of my gas. The Drs. appt. was good... and I will be fitted with a CPAP machine after we get home from our camping trip.

Speaking of that...... I guess I better start getting organized. Although it wouldn't be a camping trip if we didn't forget something! We always seem to run home once or twice the first few days.

On my way home from my Drs appointment.. I picked up my best friends kids - my niece and nephew. Courtney and I have always had a special bond - when we lived in the same town I think she lived at my house just as much as she lived at home. As she has gotten older, we haven't spent as much time together, but keep in constant contact through facebook and messenger. Colton on the other hand has been shy about staying with us... but since our boys arrived, he has been much more willing and is finally having his first sleep over at "Auntie and Uncles". I think he more excited about playing the Wii than seeing us! lol

Monday, August 4, 2008

First Blog First Post

So... here we go............ I'm completely new to blogging...... well with the exception of the one time blog I had to do in a computer course while working on my education degree.... a couple of years ago. I thought then that I could see myself blogging....... when I type to someone I always seem to tell the whole story......... my short little emails are never short!

Hopefully this will give me an avenue to share my life - my husband, kids and the rest of our large family... share the things I'm working on - I'm a new scrapbooker!... and share my teaching adventures - I'm a new teacher.

If you have taken the time to read my blog...... please take a second or two to comment and let me know that you've been here!

I'm a busy mom so hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of this and keep it updated regularly!

Here is a picture of my family..... this was taken just four days after we met our sons for the first time.... I look at this an I am amazed at how much they have grown in the last year!