Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So.. I've been too busy to update... so here's a look at the last month or so...

It has been crazy busy in our house - some days I don't know if I'm coming or going. But that is the joy of having very active boys.

Megan and I took the kids to the local pumpkin patch - I can't wait to scrap those pictures. We had an absolute blast!

They had a little hay maze - and while it was geared towards younger kids - all four of them had a blast running through it. We did the maze first and after we had gone on the hay ride and picked our pumpkins - they all wanted another run through.
Hockey has started and Brayden has amazed us with how well he is doing. Considering they said he would never play a team sport - he has sure proved them wrong. His last game he was named "Player of the Game" for his team. I was proud - but missed most of the game because I went to a scrapbook garage sale - boy did I feel like a bad mom! This picture was taken at their first game - in Gold River.

Carsyn is into soccer and having a blast with the Junior Development team. I am proud of how hard he works and hope that his dream of playing soccer at a higher level comes true. This picture was taken at his first Junior Development game in Comox. They won both games they played that day.

Butch and I finally had some time to ourselves. After sports were done one Saturday we dropped the boys off at Auntie Lisa and Uncle Dave's and headed for Nanaimo. We brought Butch's mom with us as she was heading to Auntie Gail's for a couple of weeks. We did some shopping - me at Michael's of course. We got a bunch of Christmas presents and then found a nice hotel, the Travelodge near downtown Nanaimo. They gave us a great rate when we told them we had come to Nanaimo to shop.

We got settled into our room and then headed for dinner. We always get a gift certificate for the Keg from Auntie Sal - so we wanted to use it up. When we got to the Keg - it was crazy busy - but we were in no hurry so we waited.... and waited. An hour later we finally got our table. Another 45 minutes later our food arrived. Both of our steaks were over cooked and our baked potatoes were not cooked. Our server was amazing and the manager took care of our entire dinner - dessert included. You can't go to the Keg and not have Billy Miner pie - the only good food we had!

After dinner we headed to the casino. I couldn't win. Butch found a poker table and settled in. When we left at midnight we were up $500. Totally paid for our trip - presents included! We headed back to the hotel exhausted. We got up the next morning - had breakfast and hit Costco - we left a few hundred dollars poorer - why can't you go to Costco and not leave there without spending at least $200!?! We picked up a few other presents there and lots of good deals on groceries.

We decided to take the house off the market. The house prices have fallen dramatically and things just aren't selling. It is really too bad as there are some great houses on the market at great prices. The main reason we were moving was to get a yard for the boys - but since winter has hit - we won't be using a yard for a few months anyways, so we will try again next year when people settle in to all of the changes happening in our little city.

Meg had her 40th birthday. Hard to believe - and I can't believe that I will be 37 a month today. I honestly don't feel that old - where is the time going??? Here are the cards made by Carsyn, Brayden and I. I think the boys are enjoying card making as much as I am. I feel a c
couple of male scrapbookers coming up!!

Carsyn Brayden Me

I haven't been working as much as I would like - but it looks like it will be picking up - I hope at least. I've already worked and have booked more for November than I did in October - so that is a good sign. I applied for a job at Cedar - the school that has my heart - but unfortunately didn't get it. Maybe next time.

I have been busy scrapbooking. I am totally addicted to swaps. I've just completed a bunch of things for Yahoo group I am on as well as a bunch of swaps on Split Coast Stampers.

I will be uploading a few pictures. So you can see what has been keeping me busy.

Well...... I think that's it for now...... I'll try and not make it two months before the next post.

Thanks for reading.

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