Saturday, March 14, 2009

I wish there was some way to slow time down!

Have you ever noticed that time seems to be passing quicker and quicker. It seems like yesterday I posted on here... and now that I look it has been two weeks!

I finally got a chance to download my pictures... I can't find the cord to my camera - it is probably packed in the storage unit still... and my card reader on my computer doesn't work anymore ... so I have to abscond hubby's laptop every so often to download - put onto a zip drive - and then transfer to my desk top so I can then back them up on my external hard drive.... such a process and I guess I have been lazy. When I went to download I had over 800 pictures to sort through... I haven't downloaded since November... oops!

It was fun to relive some of those photos.... Putting up the Christmas tree,

a snow day with Meg's kids,

making gingerbread houses,


lots of hockey,

a trip into the little town that I grew up in,

and of course some scrapbooking. I'll save those pictures for another post. I have to be on the road in 7 hours... so best I get some sleep......... off for more hockey!!!


April said...

What great family pictures. I too wish I could just stop time every once in a while!

Miss Molly said...

Love the picture of the boys backs...those are my favorite!