Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have no crafty pictures today :(

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently I started this on April 23rd... and blogger has posted it as being typed that day... but I have updated this as of May 12th, so that it is more current. Talk about confusing!!

So.. I'm not sure why this never got posted... I typed this a couple of weeks ago while teaching.. it was obviously a tough day (LOL).

I haven't had a chance to do a whole lot of scrapping done in the last little while. Although I did go to a layout class two weeks ago, and let me tell you the layout is AMAZING... I might actually put pictures on it. I love all of the layout classes I've done, but I've yet to put pictures on them. Does anyone else do that? It is the same with swaps - I've got a ton of swap pages and I think I've only used a few of them. One of my goals this summer (when I know I won't be working) is to use up my swap layouts and border sets.

I had hoped to share some of the LOTWs I've been working on... but I just realized that I have sent two sets away without taking any pictures of them. I'm really not sure where my head was on that!!

We've been busy as a family again... with the kids going back to school (after a two week spring break), I was shocked to get a call to go to work on the first Monday back. That Monday turned into the whole week and then I work 4 days the following week. I'm certainly not complaining, the extra money on the paycheck was great considering I really didn't expect to work in April.

Carsyn and I headed up to Port McNeill for their "Mud Bowl" Soccer Tournament. I'll be stayed with a friend that I graduated highschool with and we hadn't seen each other in a couple years - it was nice to catch up. This weekend we are off to Nanaimo for the soccer mini world cup.

Brayden and Butch are going to had a weekend to themselves (while Carsyn and I were in Port McNeill). Butch challenged Brayden to budget, shop for and cook him a meal. Brayden has been cooking meals about once a week for the past couple of months. He makes a "mean" stirfry - and does very well when he remembers that the knife is supposed to cut the beef - not his finger. A couple of weeks ago we ended up with a quick trip to the walk-in clinic after he cut the tip of his finger off! No stitches - thank goodness as I didn't want a repeat of stitches - Brayden DOES NOT like needles!!

According to Butch his dinner was delicious and he is definitely looking forward to repeating it.

I have just searched my camera for something crafty to add to this post.... but... I don't have anything that I can share just yet. I have done 2 secret sister photo swaps but I can't share the pictures yet because the people I created the layouts for have not received them. One of the sets had a picture that I just fell in love with and felt that it needed to be its own separate layout. I am so proud of it and can't wait to share. Everyone who has seen it... including my very non-crafty husband.. has commented how beautiful it is.. I hope you will enjoy it when I can share it!!

Sorry for the long......... craftless post... but I will make sure I get something up after my crop tomorrow night.

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