Friday, July 17, 2009

My Personal Challenges....

A few months ago... I was checking out some blogs... and came across this list of 100 things to do..... my sister edited the list.. so I borrowed a few ideas from her... and also changed a few things to suit my needs.

I am really struggling keeping up with this blog and hope that maybe this will encourage me to post on here on a more regular basis.

I am going to use this list for pages that I complete... not pages that I do for a swap (unless I use them for myself) or have received in a swap.

When/if I complete this list, I'm going to reward myself.. I'm not sure what the reward will be yet.. but I'll update this when I decide.

100 things to do!

1. Use photo corners

2. Dry Emboss an embellishment

3. Dangle something from the title

4. Mix letters for the title

5. Journal on a photo mat

6. Weave a fiber or ribbon behind title

7. Use your Cricut to make an embellishment for a layout

8. Make a monochromatic layout

9. Chalk edges of a torn photo mat

10. Decorate one side of photo mat with eyelets

11. Dangle tags from photo mat

12. Cut graphics from a patterned paper to use as embellishment.

13. Use a flower cluster

14. Do a vellum overlay over a photo

15. Do a layout without any embellishments

16. Use your favorite shirt as inspiration

17. Rubber stamp on the page

18. Hand write your journaling

19. Journal using a list

20. Journal two points of view for each picture or a he said/she said layout

21. Use pop dots

22. Use your cuttlebug/sizzix

23. Use fabric

24. Use ribbon in a unique way

25. Use buttons

26. Mix 3 or more patterned papers

27. Stamp your own background paper

28. Put your title down the side of the page

29. Use a one word title to stretch over a double layout page

30. Use journaling strips

31. Put title letters on individual tags

32. Use one word adjectives to describe the person in a picture

33. Write a letter to the person in the layout

34. Pick key words in your journaling to highlight with borders or larger font

35. Embellish your page with a paper doll

36. Dot the "i"s in your title with an embellishment

37. White as a background

38. Use something you got in a swap

39. Use the name of a TV Show for a title

40. Use the name of a song for a title

41. Use the word Love in the title

42. Use the title only to explain your pictures - no journaling

43. Use crumpled paper on a layout

44. Use metallic paper somewhere in the layout

45. Use vellum on a layout

46. Use at least 3 shades of the SAME color on a layout

47. Use embossed paper

48. Use diamond dust paper

49. Use mulberry paper

50. Scrap any celebration

51. Scrap a family tradition

52. Scrap an event that includes some sort of food

53. Scrap a sports event or a game

54. Do a layout that includes toys in some way

55. Do an Animal layout (zoo, pets, could be Halloween, ??)

56. Do a Heritage layout

57. Do a WATER layout (beach, pool, pond, bathtub, rainstorm

58. Use a quote on a layout

59. Do a mosaic layout

60. Do a Totally Me layout

61. Do a vacation layout

62. Use a poem on a layout (extra point if you write the poem!)

63. Do a Holiday layout

64. Do paper tearing on a layout

65. Do a HOUSE AND HOME layout

66. Do a SCHOOL layout

67. Do a BEFORE and AFTER layout (diet, pregnancy, dirty to clean)

68. Make a page with no photos

69. Make a layout without pictures - must have journaling

70. Put memorabilia on a page (like coins, baby bracelet, tassel from

71. Use a journaling genie or a coluzzle (shape), etc to make a journaling shape

72. Sew or cross-stitch on a layout

73. Use glitter or a glitter pen on a layout

74. Use 5+ pics

75. Use Circles on a layout

76. Make and use a paper piecing

77. Use stars on a layout

78. Use 10 or more eyelets

79. Do paper weaving

80. Do paper PIERCING on a page (with a needle or tool)

81. Use 20+brads on a layout

82. faux-stitch on a layout

83. Use a decorative punch

84. Use paint

85. Use black and white pictures on a layout

86. Use a 5x7 or larger picture on a layout

87. Crop a picture into a shape

88. Use a keepsake pocket

89. Use fibers

90. Use charms

91. Scrap on an angle

92. Create a double page layout

93. Mat a photo multiple times

94. Use staples

95. Use chipboard

96. Focus on one photo

97. Create a time line

98. Scrapbook from a sketch

99. Scrapbook about friendship

100. Scraplift something


Melanie said...

Moira this is awesome!!! I'm excited to see your pages that you do using some of these elements. You'll have to let us know what # you use after you post the picture. :)

=o) kel said...

i love this idea!! i was thinking of doing a personal one but a craft one sounds good too!

lovies, =o) kel

Melina said...

Wow this is great! I can't wait to see some pages you do following this.

Colleen said...

You are ambitious! Sounds like lots of fun:)

AnnMarie said...

This list is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I may scrap-lift some items from it! :)

STAMPIN4TK said...

What a great list, we all need to try these. Thanks for sharing

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