Friday, October 8, 2010

Cherry On Top Blog Award

Ok... so I'm a little late posting this.. but I had saved the email for me to deal with it when I had more time.. but the email got buried... so today when I was cleaning out my email I found it again and thought I'd better deal with it right away.

I am truly honoured to have received such an award... it really makes both paper crafting and blogging worthwhile when people recognize you for it.


1.Thank the person who sent it to you.
That would be Emily

2. Copy award to your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself.
a: I love that I was strong enough to go back to school at age 30 to finally become a teacher, something I had wanted to be since I was about 5 years old.
b: I love that I was strong enough to understand that even though I couldn't have children naturally, I could still have children through adoption. I am thankful every single day for my two boys.
c: I love that I have finally found my creative side. I have always thought I was the least artistic person out there, but really I just needed to find my passion, I LOVE that I'm a scrapbooker and I'm not afraid to tell anyone!

4. Post a picture you love.

Well.. since you see lots of pictures of my family through my layouts... I thought I'd share a picture of our furry family member. This is Queen Ratifa. She is a teddy bear h
amster. I've never been a big "rodent" fan, but after an unexpected hamster-sitting, we all fell in love with the idea of a hamster. Rat-girl chose my husband, when we were at the pet store she crawled up his chest and curled up under his chin - so cute! She's a super smart girl and provides us with hours and hours of entertainment.

5. Send the award to 5 blogs you love.

1. Marsha - I want to be a card designer like Marsha when I grow up. How can you not love everything she does. Simply amazes me every time I look at her blog!

Melina - I absolutely love how Melina makes CAS classy. When I try to do CAS it looks cheap and crappy. Nothing Melina ever does looks cheap and crappy. Whether it is a card or a scrapbook layout it always looks fantastic!!

3. Melanie - Melanie is not only an amazing crafter she is an amazing friend. Even though we live in different countries on opposite sides of the continent I feel like if we were closer in proximity we would be the best of friends.

4. April - I admire April so much. She lives in a foreign country with out any family or her closest friends. She manages to keep sane while raising two adorable children. She is about to up and move to another foreign country all while supporting her military husband. I have mad respect for a girl who gives so much of her self to everyone else. Oh.. and she's got mad talent for cards as well.

Terria - A talented scrapbooker/cardmaker. I love that she has just started making videos of her creations. I always get inspiration when looking at her blog.


marsha said...

Thank you so much for my award Moria! You are just too sweet!

Melina said...

What sweet comments Moira! You are a great person. Thank you so much for this award :)

Melanie said...

Oh girl I so love you, thank you!!