Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coward Family Christmas Tree 2010

Here is the Coward family Christmas tree for 2010.

I just love our tree.. I love that the ornaments all mean something special to us. They may not match.. but the match us. We have soccer balls, footballs, hockey pucks, police dogs, ambulances, teacher themed, penguins etc.

We all pick an ornament to put on the tree first.

Butch went first and put Shrek and Fiona... we dressed up as Shrek and Fiona for Halloween one year... and we've likened ourselves to them ever since!

Next I went.. and I love this little ornament that my mom bought us the first year we were together.

Up next was Brayden.. this year he chose to put his Canuck's snowman up... the boy loves his hockey!

And last.. but certainly not least was Carsyn... who.. with no surprise put the football ornament that he got last year on the tree.


Unknown said...

Moira, what a great family tradition!

Pia said...

What a great idea! Our tree is full of memories too.

Lesley said...

Moira, I love your tree!

Melanie said...

Girl this is awesome, I love it!!! thank you for sharing your tradition with us of decorating your tree. It's beautiful!!! I must say I'm in love with the Shrek and Fiona, perfect!!

Colleen said...

What great memories!

Tracey said...

Beautiful treee. Even if there is a Canucks deco on it. Maybe I should send yu a Blackhawks one to put right next to it, lol.
Merry Christmas Moira,
Love ya girl,

April said...

Man...I'd love to see your tree IRL...I'm too OCD to not have my tree match!!! But I love to see other peoples trees I think they give a sense of who they are!