Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where is the time going?

Well.. here we are.. August 12th... 3 weeks left of summer break. Where has the time gone?? Oh... wait.. I know... it's been spent scrapbooking! And I guess getting ready to sell and keeping it clean and tidy. Had another tour of real estate agents through today - hopefully we'll get some bites soon!

I've had a busy few days scrapbooking. I'm so addicted to it and the swaps it is crazy! But I'm having so much fun. I'm desperately trying to get all the Disney swaps done that my sister signed us up for before I even started scrapping! We are going camping on Thursday and need to get some of them in the mail before we head out.

I also picked up two spots in an A to Z border swap. I'm doing 'O' for OUCH!! - with two boys - I already have pictures to go with that title. I am also doing 'Z' for Zzzzzzz... I got the Zs done yesterday - except I needed 4 more inches of card stock so while the boys and I had to be out of the house for the house tour today I stopped in at the LSS and picked up a sheet. I also picked up some fun coloured card stock for some colour swaps that I have due in November.

I'll post some pictures of some of the work I've done. Hopefully it can inspire someone or give them an idea to work from. Let me know what you think!

Off to do some more scrapping......... thanks for stopping by!

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