Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why can't we camp without making a trip to the emergency room???

So....... here it is Tuesday... and I'm home. I should be out enjoying my last night at the campsite... munching on s'mores. But alas... my family can't seem to make it through a camping trip without a trip to emerg. This time it was Butch, my hubby, who had to make the trip in. You see... he was being a nice husband and carrying the hot water from the BBQ (which as a side burner) to the washing up bucket. Not sure what happened but the pot got dropped and my husband got boiling water up his leg. He is burned from the knee to the ankle. We manage to pour about 20 liters of water (our whole water jug) over it immediately - and then we soaked a towel and put some ice on it... after about half an hour we looked and saw that it was blistering so thought it was best to get it checked out. After we secure our stuff as best as we could... we headed for town about a 20 minute drive to the hospital. Not sure how we got so lucky but the emerg was empty and he was seen right away. Our favourite nurse was on... (he has treated both sons) he bandaged up the hubby and we were on our way within 45 minutes of arriving - first time ever we have been in and out of emerg. in less than an hour!!

So....... back to the campsite at 10:30 and we all went right to bed. Due to his burn we decided to pack up a day early. Which was well planned as the weather turned and we had a nasty windstorm today - and is now raining like a bugger!!

Last year we raced to emerg. after our oldest son (who we had only had for a month) had a bike accident (at the same campsite) - after some foul language (from the son), 3 stitches and 4 hours later we made it back to our campsite. Unfortunately for him... his injuries needed to stay clean and he had to go and stay at Nana's for the remaining 4 days of camping.

So...... we got pretty much everything put away and several loads of laundry done. I tried to go to my sister's to get some scrapping done... but I just couldn't concentrate. So I'm home, playing on the computer and know that I have to get a bunch of scrapbook stuff done tomorrow - as we leave town again on Thursday.. we have been given complimentary tickets to see the BC Lions (football). We will be meeting our Lion's contact prior to the game and he has arranged a 'unique experience' for our boys. We have no idea what is planned - but we are all looking forward to it.

That's it for now....... thanks for reading.!

I think I'll try and add some more scrapbooking photos.

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Christy said...

Reminds me why I refuse to go camping. LOL.