Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer Vacation Part One!

So..... it's been a couple of weeks since I have been able to get on here... but we have been super busy with the end of summer stuff... that the computer thinks I've forgotten him! haha

On August 21 I got my CPAP machine...... so I can breathe at night ... hard to believe I was stopping breathing on average 135 times a night! eeek! So... long story short, I'm now breathing at night and have not had a morning headache since -woohooo!!! Maybe this will cure my migraines!! I'm still getting used to the mask and my nose is raw.. but they say that should settle down soon!

After getting my machine... we headed to Nanaimo to catch the ferry to Vancouver. We arrived at 2:30 for the 3:15 sailing but there was already a sailing wait... urgh! which meant we had 3 hours to wait for the next one at 5:45. Well surprising the time went quick... we went for a walk around the terminal.. the boys watched some of their movies on their portable DVD players (some of the best money we have spent!!) ... I read and Butch had a nap. We got onto the ferry, had dinner and I bought the boys a new book - which I read for most of the trip. The book "Schooling Around: Treasure Fever" by Andy Griffiths is really good - I'm enjoying it as much as the boys are... and it is real fun to have two of the characters with the last name "Durkin" - my very uncommon maiden name!

Off the ferry and we headed towards Cloverdale as we were staying with long time family friends the Alders. We found their house with only two wrong turns - both my fault - my hubby should never listen to me... I've got no sense of direction - even with the map in my hands!!

We got to the house (first time I'd been to this house) and the boys (Butch too!) immediately went for a swim in the pool - thankfully it wasn't the awesome Koi pond they have right in the front door! We had a nice visit and had an early night.

We got up Friday and had a wonderful breakfast and we all ended up in the pool and/or hot tub. A nice and relaxing day. At 3:00 got into our BC Lions gear and headed for the Sky Train. We had an interesting Sky Train ride when a man -who was obviously impaired by drugs or alcohol boarded and proceeded to harrass our family. Thankfully a few stops later a security guard boarded the train and put him in his place. Butch is more than trained to deal with idiots like this - but didn't want to scare the boys.

So... we get to the stadium... enjoy the street fair for about an hour.. the boys got their picture taken with "Crazy P" - a guy who runs around the stadium getting fans to cheer! We then get a call from our BC Lions ticket representative, Kyle - Butch has bought 7 seasons tickets over the past three years (and sells the tickets to his buddies from work). Kyle had arranged a "unique" experience for the boys.

Kyle arrived to greet us with Geroy Simon bobble heads (Butch's favourite BC Lion), BC Lions key chains, and coupons for the giveaway that night that just happened to be BC Lions lunch kits. He then took us to the players entrance and we got to go into the stadium and watch the Lions warm up... from the TURF... it was such an unreal experience to be standing on the field 20 feet away from the players!!! Man are they HUGE!!! Kyle took a picture of us on the field and then one in front of the locker room. So very cool!

As we were walking back to our seats... Kyle stopped in a room and grabbed Butch and I some BC Lions shirts! What an amazing, once in a lifetime experience!! Thanks Kyle!!

Well... this is long enough.. I'll add some photos and update again another day!

Thanks for reading!