Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A hectic day in the life of me......

This was supposed to be post last week... oops guess I hit the wrong button!

So.. here is a couple days later from the first post. Life is busy when you have two active boys, a husband, a house on the market and of course scrapbooking to do.

Today has been a bit hectic. We had a tour of real estate agents due to come through the house at 10 am. So... we were working like crazy in 30 degree weather yesterday making sure it was all done. We collapsed around 9 last night and figured we would get up early and finish it up - make some cookies, and sweep and mop the kitchen floor.. and put all my scrapping stuff somewhere.

Fast forward to 8 am..... an hour after we were supposed to be up.. ACK! I grabbed quick shower and headed down to clean up the scrap stuff... hubby and the boys started with cleaning up the kitchen, making the cookies.. I called mom..... Mom to the rescue... she came and helped keep the boys on task and cleaned up a few of the messes that we just see through - fingerprints on the doors etc.

At 9:30 am I had to leave for a Drs appointment in a city 1.5 hours away. Gotta love when you have to drive 3 hours (round trip) for a 20 minute appointment. Oh well.. it all worked out.. I managed to schedule a "Mystery Shop" so at least I'll get money to pay for most of my gas. The Drs. appt. was good... and I will be fitted with a CPAP machine after we get home from our camping trip.

Speaking of that...... I guess I better start getting organized. Although it wouldn't be a camping trip if we didn't forget something! We always seem to run home once or twice the first few days.

On my way home from my Drs appointment.. I picked up my best friends kids - my niece and nephew. Courtney and I have always had a special bond - when we lived in the same town I think she lived at my house just as much as she lived at home. As she has gotten older, we haven't spent as much time together, but keep in constant contact through facebook and messenger. Colton on the other hand has been shy about staying with us... but since our boys arrived, he has been much more willing and is finally having his first sleep over at "Auntie and Uncles". I think he more excited about playing the Wii than seeing us! lol

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