Thursday, March 4, 2010

Angel's Baseball

One of the things we set up to do before we left was to purchase tickets to an Angel's Baseball game. Four tickets, in right field, cost us $28. Seriously, I can see why Baseball is America's game when it is this cheap to go. Heck, I could guarantee I would become a fan if I could take my family for less than $30. Now, the food on the other hand.. that was ridiculous. It cost us $80 for lunch. No, that isn't a typo... eighty dollars for 3 burgers, 1 chickenstrips, 4 fries, 4 drinks. It was so stinking hot (hottest day of our trip at 92F) .. we had to buy two drinks for everyone.. so food purchases was $100. OUCH!! But it was a nice, relaxing day and the boys and I got to experience something new.

We had one of the security guards take our picture outside of the stadium. The boys even surprised us... they had a chance to run on the bases, but didn't want to stand in line, in the heat, and they decided it that they were hot and ready to head back to the pool. Thank goodness!!


Colleen said...

Great story - love the background paper too:)

Tracey said...

Love the backround paper. Glad you guys had fun. Unfornately, not all MLB games are that cheap, Chicago Cubs are so expensive just tickets alone would cost us over $100 - $200. Anywho....!

Melina said...

That is great! Wow! what some outrageous food prices!!!
Great memory :)

Jennifer said...

Awesome layout Moira! Hugs!

Lesley said...

Great layout, I love baseball!

marsha said...

Ooh, nice! Great story and what a fabulous memory!


April said...

This is a great picture...I love the way you did the title!