Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been in LOVE with penguins since I was 11 years old.. they are my life and there isn't one place in my house that you won't see a penguin somewhere! I love them so much that my whole wedding theme was based around penguins, from the cake topper to the tiara I wore, everything was penguins! :)

So.. when we hit Seaworld, I didn't care if we didn't see anything else but the penguins! This was definitely a highlight of my trip, we were so close we could almost touch them. I was sad that I couldn't get any pictures of them in the Arctic environment, as it was their winter time it was just too dark with my crappy little camera.

I bought this paper at Seaworld. So cute!

I really wish I could have my own penguin as a pet.


Tracey said...

HI Moria - I just love these pictures and your dp is awesome.

marsha said...

Fabulous layout - love the penguins!


AnnMarie said...

Soooo cute! My daughter loves penguins too! :) Great layout!

April said...

Hm....I'd love to see some of the wedding pictures...I bet you had a blast with that theme!!!

Melina said...

great layouts and I love your back story too!

Lesley said...

Love it! I love penguins too, they are a new exhibit at our zoo and I can't wait to go and see them.

Colleen said...

I love the penguins!